RotiGreen® Omega

Effective Greenwater with Optimum DHA, EPA & ARA Nutrition

RotiGreen Omega is our newest Greenwater product. Like all of our other Instant Algae products, RotiGreen Omega provides the most effective nutrition for rotifers and fish larvae because it is the closest to nature of any product on the market, consisting of minimally processed and intact, whole microalgae cells that have all of the benefits of live cells.

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Advantages of RotiGreen Omega

Applications: Finfish Hatcheries

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Benefits of our Greenwater Products

The Rotifer Instant Algae System

RotiGreen is part of a complete line of blended concentrate Instant Algae products to support optimal grow-out, enrichment and productivity for rotifers and larval fish. No other feed is closer to nature or better for your rotifer, fish and hatchery productivity.

Custom Greenwater Blends Available

Custom Greenwater blends are available and can be designed to meet your needs. Please contact us for more information.