• Phototrophically grown
  • Highly-concentrated
  • Whole-cell algae (non-viable but intact)
  • Full nutritional value with no need to hydrate
  • Biosecure, pathogen-free and clean
  • Easy to use
  • Always available
  • The algae you want for hatchery success!

Reed Mariculture produces an assortment of whole-cell, whole food microalgae blends for specific aquaculture applications.

Explore these products below...

Product Information

  Type Cell size in microns Typical cell count Live Algae Equivalent Dry weight Shelf life
Shellfish Diet 1800® Blend of 5 mostly small microalgae 5-16 2 billion/ml 1800 Liters of Isochrysis @2.3 million cells per ml 8% 12-14 weeks refrigerated
LPB™ Shellfish Diet Blend of 4 larger microalgae 5-16 1 billion/ml 3300 Liters of Isochrysis @2.3 million cells per ml 15% 2 years frozen
10 days refrigerated
Rotifer Diet™ Blend of Nanno and Tet 1-12 55 billion/ml 3600 liters @ 15 million cells/ml 18% 2 years frozen
10 days refrigerated

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