LPB Frozen Shellfish Diet®

For Larva, Post-Larva & Broodstock Bivalves, Shrimp, Sea Cucumbers & More

LPB Frozen Shellfish Diet® is a highly concentrated, nutritious mix of Tetraselmis sp, Thalassiosira weissflogii and Thalassiosira pseudonana - species that have all demonstrated success with a variety of shellfish including oysters, clams, mussels, scallops, shrimp, and sea cucumbers.

These larger cells are ideal for larger larvae but are not optimal for first feeding bivalves and are recommended only after day 7 post hatch. For first feeding bivalve larvae use small cell Shellfish Diet 1800 (80% Isochrysis, Pavlova & Thalassiosira pseudonana).

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"LPB" is more dense than refrigerated Shellfish Diet 1800 and is frozen for a longer shelf life—2 years when kept frozen.

Refrigerated or Frozen, both LPB Shellfish Diet and Shellfish Diet 1800 will enable you to expand hatchery production and reliably grow more and larger larvae and seed.

Applications: Shellfish Hatcheries

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Photomicrograph of LPB Frozen Shellfish Diet


  • Effective at all life stages: larvae, setting, spat, fattening and maturation
  • Effective when used with open tanks, silos, bottle upwellers, header tanks (with circulation), cultch tanks, and depuration tanks
  • Works best when there is moderate circulation to keep the algae suspended

LPB Shellfish Diet offers:

  • Highly nutritious bio-secure algae
  • Grown phototrophic bioreactors
  • Highly concentrated
  • Shelf life of 2 years when kept frozen
  • Biosecure phototrophically grown microalgae.

LPB Shellfish Diet has been used successfully for:


  • Microalgal feed for post larvae seed
  • Nutritional supplement to live algae
  • Expanding production capacity
  • Conditioning feed for broodstock
  • Effective for large larvae more than 7 days post hatch


  • Nutritional supplement
  • Effective feeding stimulant for larvae experiencing zoea syndrome
  • Emergency back up
  • Peak load microalgae supply
  • Bio-secure source of microalgae


  • Defrost LPB Frozen Shellfish Diet overnight in a refrigerator.
  • Dilute algae concentrate with clean water to suspend the microalgae. Do not use a blender.
  • Add to your tank according to the feeding charts below.
  • Feed several times a day. Divide daily feed ration from the chart into daily feedings.
  • Store defrosted Microalgae concentrate in a refrigerator. Refrigerated product should be used within 7 days of defrosting.



  • Clean and weigh seed.
  • Feed 0.37ml LPB Shellfish Diet for gram live weight of seed per day.
  • Divide feed dose into 3 or more feedings per day.
  • Clean seed daily and adjust feed rate frequently as seed grow


  • Feed 0.18ml LPB Shellfish Diet per animal per day (assuming 10g meat weight)
  • Adjust feed according to animal size
  • Divide feed dose into 3 or more feedings per day


  • Determine the percent of live algae to be supplemented or replaced
  • Feed according to the chart below
LPB Shellfish Diet – ml per million larvae
  10% Supplement 100% Replacement 50% Replacement
N 5 50 25
Z1 8 75 40
Z2 15 150 75
Z3 20 200 100
Z/M 10 50 50
M1 15 75 75
M2 10 50 50
M3 5 25 25

Product Description

Ingredientsphototrophically grown microalgae and salt water
DescriptionHighly concentrated frozen microalgae
AppearanceGreen-Brown. Solid when frozen,
viscous liquid when defrosted
Cell size6-15 microns
Cell density> 1.0 billion cells/ml
Dry Algae Biomass> 15%

Composition of Dry Algal Biomass

Protein> 52.0%
Lipid > 10.5%
Carbohydrate> 16.0%
Ash< 22.0%