Pavlova 1800

Pavlova is a small golden/brown flagellate that is very similar to Isochrysis. It has a VERY high DHA profile and is excellent for enriching rotifers and other zooplankton. Pavlova is very difficult to grow so it is not produced by many hatcheries. Strain: CCMP459

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Pavlova is similar in nutritional profile to Iso, however is has a more sophisticated sterol composition so it is very popular with cold water fish hatcheries (such as cod) for enriching rotifers.

Pavlova has both a high DHA and EPA profile so its good for enriching zooplankton. We have received very good reports on larval survival from hatcheries that use it to enrich brine shrimp. It also works very well for oysters, clams, mussels, and scallops. It is also used to increase the DHA / EPA levels in broodstock.