RotiGreen® Nanno (Nannochloropsis)

Long Shelf Life, Excellent Suspension in Water Column

RotiGreen Nanno balances DHA/EPA with ARA to optimally nourish fish and maintain the health of rotifers. It is frozen for a long shelf life (two years) and easy transportation. Extremely clean, it offers excellent suspension in the water column. RotiGreenNanno is replacing Nanno 3600, a popular legacy product available since 1998. Strain: CCMP525

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Advantages of RotiGreen Nanno:

Applications: Finfish Hatcheries

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Benefits of our Greenwater Products

The Rotifer Instant Algae System

RotiGreen is part of a complete line of blended concentrate Instant Algae products to support optimal grow-out, enrichment and productivity for rotifers and larval fish. No other feed is closer to nature or better for your rotifer, fish and hatchery productivity.