N-Rich PL Plus

Optimum Enrichment in 1-2 Hours

With more bio-available phospholipids and other membrane lipids from microalgae, N-Rich PL Plus can achieve near optimal enrichment in one to two hours with rotifers grown on RotiGrow Plus. Optimal enrichment of rotifers grown on RotiGrow Nanno or nanno 3600 requires an additional hour.

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The enrichment of rotifers is purely for the advantage of fish. If the enrichment diet does not contain the nutrition necessary to keep the rotifer healthy and active, much of the nutritional value of the rotifer is lost. Following enrichment using our Grow-Out Feeds, N-Rich products yield rotifers that are as healthy and active after enrichment as before.

Benefits of N-Rich PL Plus

Additional Benefits of N-Rich PL Plus and All N-Rich Feeds

Custom N-Rich Blends

Custom N-Rich Blends are available and can be designed for slow enrichment, fast enrichment, and achievement of HUFA levels above 8% dry-weight rotifer biomass. Please  Contact us for more information.

The Rotifer Instant Algae System

N-Rich PL Plus is part of a complete line of blended concentrate Instant Algae products to support optimal grow-out, enrichment and productivity for rotifers and larval fish. No other feed is closer to nature or better for your rotifer, fish and hatchery productivity.