Instant Zooplankton® – Brine Shrimp Eggs

Not all GSL Artemia (Brine Shrimp Eggs) are the same quality. What one company may label as 90% may be equivalent to another company's 75%. The true measure of quality is the nauplii per gram (NPG) count and not simply a hatch rate designation. Our GSL Artemia have hatch rates and NPG counts as shown below.

Guaranteed Analysis
Hatch Rate NPG Availability
75% 220K Varies
80% 225K Order Now
85% 240K Varies
90% 250K Order Now

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These are among the highest quality available anywhere. These GSL cysts are over-wintered, washed, dried, and tested under strict guidelines before categorizing into the different hatch rate categories. Average nauplii size at hatching is 440 microns.  GSL Artemia cysts are pack in 16oz (454g) vacuum sealed cans. Store in cool dry place (~4C).