Nanno 3600 (Nannochloropsis)

High Yield Grow-out Feed

Nanno 3600 is our original high-yield rotifer feed. It is single-species (Nannochloropsis) and produces phospholipid-rich rotifers. It also provides a high Feed Conversion Rate with minimal organic waste in the tank, and gives an EPA and ARA pre-enrichment boost for use with high-DHA enrichment protocols.

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The shelf Life is 2 years frozen and 12 to 14 weeks once thawed. Strain: CCMP525

NOTE: For new customers, we suggest our next-generation product, RotiGrow Nanno

Applications: Finfish Hatcheries Shellfish Hatcheries

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Nanno 3600 Offers:

  • Healthy Rotifer Cultures — Rapid growth, minimal fouling and reduced bacteria loads
  • High Yields — Rotifers can double daily at densities over 8,000 L-Type rotifers per ml
  • Optimum Enrichment — Supports full highly-unsaturated fatty acid (HUFA) enrichment; the best source of EPA and ARA as well as critical vitamins
  • Concentrated, Clean, Liquid Form — Exceptionally clean and easy to use with minimal foaming or clumping, which means less time spent maintaining cultures
  • Long shelf life — frozen, two years

Storage: Instant Algae Nannochloropsis can be stored in a refrigerator for 12 to 14 weeks (best if stored at -1 to +3C) or it can be frozen for longer shelf life (2 years). When frozen the algae will "hard-freeze" like ice.

Ice Cubes: If you have received a liter of Nanno and don't plan to use it all within 12 to 14 weeks of thawing a frozen bag, we suggest making it into ice cubes. Simply pour the algae into a standard ice cube tray and freeze for 24 hours. Then take the cubes and store them in a plastic bag in your freezer. As you need more algae, remove a cube from the plastic bag and thaw.

Product Description

DescriptionConcentrated Blend of Microalgae
AppearanceGreen Viscous Liquid
Algal size1.5-2.0 microns
Typical Cell Count (see Dry Weight vs Cell Count)*68 billion/ml
Live Algae Equivalent3600 liters @ 19 million cells/ml
TypeNon-flagellated Yellow-Green Eustigmatophyceae
Dry Weight >18%
Shelf Life12 - 14 weeks
2 years frozen

Composition of Biomass (dry wt)

Protein 58.6%
Lipid 14.5%
Carbohydrate 20.0%
Ash 5.9%

Feed and Harvest Rates

Continuous Production Systems

Harvest Rate20%30%35%40%45%
Nanno 3600 Feed Rate
(ml per day/million rotifers)
Rotifer Harvest
(million rotifers per liter of feed)

NOTES: 1. Feed rates based on rotifer count just prior to harvest
2. For 165 micron long L-Type rotifers with a mass of 0.18g dry weight/million rotifers
3. Feed continuously for best results

Batch Production Systems

Rotifer density (per ml)
Nanno 3600
(feed per day per million rotifers)
Day 0Day 1Day 2Day 3Rotifer Harvest
(per liter of feed)
Growth Rate
(per day)
1.3 ml5007069961,406320 million41%
1.8 ml5007951,2642,010320 million59%
2.6 ml5009101,6563,013320 million82%

NOTES: 1. Feed rates based on rotifer counts at the beginning of the day
2. For 165 micron long L-Type rotifers with a mass of 0.18g dry weight/million rotifers
3. Feed days 0, 1 and 2. Feed continuously for best results

Fatty Acids

12:0Lauric acid0.018:3n6GLA0.6
14:0Myristic acid2.218:3n3ALA0.3
16:0Palmitic acid21.518:4n3SDA0.1
16:1n7Palmitoleic acid3.320:3n6DGLA0.3
18:0Stearic acid0.420:5n3EPA30.3
18:1n9Oleic acid18.022:5n3DPA (n-3)0.0

NOTE: fatty acid units after "profile" units are mg/g d.w.


DHA : EPA : ARA0 : 1.0 : 0.12
EPA + DHA30 mg/g d.w. (Biomass)
Total HUFAs, 20:3n335 mg/g d.w. (Biomass)
Total fatty acids105 mg/g d.w. (Biomass)

Rotifer Composition

Essential Fatty Acids and Total Lipids

Typical profiles of rotifers grown on Nanno 3600 and enriched using N-Rich High PRO, a protein-rich feed, and N-Rich PL Plus, a phospholipid-rich feed.

NutrientNanno 36003-hour enrichment
N-Rich PL Plus
6 to 8 hour enrichment
N-Rich PL Plus & High PRO
Cod eggsCobia eggs
Total fatty acids8.9%13.0%14.0%13.2%22%
Polar lipids56%55%55%71%n/a
Free fatty acids5%5.1%4.9%5.4n/a

NOTE: fatty acid units after "profile" units are mg/g