Instant Algae® Product Safety

All Instant Algae® products are free from pathogenic viruses and bacteria. Vectors for contamination are excluded by our biosecurity protocols and our site's inland location,. Instant Algae® are not axenic (bacteria-free),. however the bacteria present are probiotic or benign and none are pathogenic to marine organisms.

Safe Water Source,  Fully Contained, Recirculating Artificial Seawater System

The water at our facility is NOT ocean water. Our on-site well supplies fresh water from a depth of 200' feet. The water is pasteurized at 160 °F  (71 °C) for 10 minutes, then salts and nutrients are added to create artificial seawater. . The water is 100% recirculated and continuously passes through a clean-up and pasteurization process using a protein skimmer, ozone treatment and pasteurization. A custom-designed computer monitoring system maintains all of these systems to ensure reliable pasteurization of the water.

Secure Location

Our algae-growing facility is located in the foothills near San Jose, CA. It is many miles from any type of fish, shrimp, or shellfish operation and so there are no opportunities for marine pathogens to be introduced. The site is used exclusively for growing algae and zooplankton that have passed our quarrantine and pathogen testing  protocols. No pesticides are used at our production site.

Growing Process

Instant Algae is grown using closed photobioreactors, to prevent contaminants from entering the systems.