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Pioneers in Algal- and Zooplankton-Based Products

Reed Mariculture advances the growth of aquaculture around the globe with the highest-quality microalgae concentrates as well as live rotifers, copepods, and mysid shrimp for clean-start production. Bulk quantities are available. Our feeds are used in hatcheries in 90 countries around the world for fish, shrimp, and shellfish larvaculture, as well as public aquariums and hobbyist reef tanks.

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Zooplankton, Foundation of the Marine Food Chain

Reed Mariculture has revolutionized the culturing of rotifers with their marine microalgae concentrates, and is now doing the same with copepods. For example, the Apocyclops panamensis copepod can be produced by feeding it only Reed Mariculture's Instant Algae™ concentrates. Reed Mariculture will be making A. panamensis available to hatcheries in Q2 2017.

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Discover the Benefits of Microalgae Concentrates

Hatcheries benefit economically by obtaining Reed Mariculture's flagship Instant Algae® microalgae concentrates, rather than having to maintain live algae cultures. Used commercially for over two decades, Instant Algae has proven to be efficient and effective in all growth stages. It is produced by Reed Mariculture in a land-based, biosecure facility. Learn more:

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