RotiGrow® Plus

All-in-One Grow-Out Feed with Omega Pre-Enrichment

RotiGrow Plus is a clean, high yield rotifer feed that maximizes pre-enrichment levels of DHA, EPA and ARA. It is the essential first step in the RotiGrow System. It can be used as a stand-alone feed depending on the nutritional requirements of the fish larvae, or in combination with one of our N-Rich enrichment products.

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Applications: Finfish Hatcheries Shellfish Hatcheries

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Rotigrow Plus
Photomicrograph of RotiGrow Plus

RotiGrow Plus Offers:

  • Healthy Rotifer Cultures — Rapid growth, minimal fouling and reduced bacteria loads
  • Higher Yields — Rotifers can double daily at densities over 5,000 L-Type rotifers per ml
  • Essential Omega Boost — Provides 50-100 percent of the Omega-3 fatty acids needed by the larvae of most marine species — without secondary enrichment!*
  • Optimum Enrichment — Supports full highly-unsaturated fatty acid (HUFA), full vitamin enrichment with proper protocols, and additional carotenoid enrichment of rotifers without sacrificing other nutritional factors or stressing the rotifers
  • Concentrated, Clean, Liquid Form — Exceptionally clean and easy to use with minimal foaming or clumping, which means less time spent maintaining cultures
  • All-In-One Feed — For species such as barramundi, sea bass, zebra fish and many ornamental fish such as clown fish, RotiGrow Plus is an excellent “all-in-one” feed and enrichment product**

* Meets Cod Egg profile for Omega-3 fatty acids when using Steps One and Two

** Other fish such as cobia, cod, sea bream seriola, flounder, drum, and grouper
require the supplemental enrichment of our N-Rich products

The Rotifer Instant Algae System

RotiGrow Plus is part of a complete line of blended concentrate Instant Algae products to support optimal grow-out, enrichment and productivity for rotifers and larval fish. No other feed is closer to nature or better for your rotifer, fish and hatchery productivity.

Standard System:

STEP 1: Grow-out: RotiGrow Plus – Grow-Out Feed and Pre-Enrichment

STEP 2: Enrich: N-Rich – one to eight-hour enrichments

STEP 3: Cold store and gut load: N-Rich High PRO provides digestive and nutritional support

STEP 4: Greenwater: RotiGreen, RotiGreen Nanno, or RotiGreen Iso – supports health of rotifers and fish

System for barramundi, sea bass, zebra fish and many ornamental fish such as clown fish:

STEP 1: RotiGrow Plus – All-in-One Feed, Pre-Enrichment and Enrichment

STEP 2: RotiGreen, RotiGreen Nanno, or RotiGreen Iso – supports health of rotifers and fish

Custom RotiGrow Blends Available

Custom blends can be designed for slow enrichment, fast enrichment, and achievement of HUFA levels above 8% dry-weight rotifer biomass. Please contact us for more information.

Product Description

DescriptionConcentrated Blend of Microalgae
AppearanceGreen Viscous Liquid
Algal size 1.5-12 microns
Dry Weight >14.8%

Composition of Biomass (dry wt)

Protein 55.7%
Lipid 19.5%
Carbohydrate 19.0%
Ash 5.8%

Feed and Harvest Rates

Continuous Production Systems

Harvest Rate20%30%35%40%45%
RotiGrow Plus Feed Rate
(ml per day/million rotifers)
0.75 1.13 1.32 1.57 1.70
Rotifer Harvest
(million rotifers per liter of feed)
265265265 265 265

NOTES: 1. Feed rates based on rotifer count just prior to harvest
2. For 165 micron long L-Type rotifers with a mass of 0.18g dry weight/million rotifers
3. Feed continuously for best results

Batch Production Systems

Rotifer density (per ml)
RotiGrow Plus
(feed per day per million rotifers)
Day 0Day 1Day 2Day 3Rotifer Harvest
(per liter of feed)
Growth Rate
(per day)
1.3 ml5007069961,406265 million41%
1.8 ml5007951,2642,010265 million59%
2.6 ml5009101,6563,013265 million82%

NOTES: 1. Feed rates based on rotifer counts at the beginning of the day
2. For 165 micron long L-Type rotifers with a mass of 0.18g dry weight/million rotifers
3. Feed days 0, 1 and 2. Feed continuously for best results

Fatty Acids

12:0Lauric acid 3.0 18:3n6GLA 2.9
14:0Myristic acid 11.4 18:3n3ALA 0.4
16:0Palmitic acid 24.4 18:4n3SDA 5.4
16:1n7Palmitoleic acid 11.7 20:3n6DGLA 0.2
16:2n4Hexadecadienoic 3.4 20:4n6ARA 2.1
18:0Stearic acid 1.4 20:5n3EPA 18.1
18:1n9Oleic acid 11.8 22:5n3DPA (n-3) 2.1
18:2n6LA 10.9 22:6n3DHA 41.9

NOTE: fatty acid units after "profile" units are mg/g d.w.


DHA : EPA : ARA 2.3 : 1.0 : 0.12
EPA + DHA 60 mg/g d.w. (Biomass)
Total HUFAs, 20:3n3 64 mg/g d.w. (Biomass)
Total fatty acids 154 mg/g d.w. (Biomass)

Rotifer Composition

Essential Fatty Acids and Total Lipids

Typical profiles of rotifers grown on RotiGrow Plus and enriched using N-Rich High PRO, a protein-rich feed, and N-Rich PL Plus, a phospholipid-rich feed.

Rotigrow Plus 2-hour enrichment
N-Rich High PRO
8-hour enrichment
N-Rich High PRO
2-hour enrichment
N-Rich PL Plus
Cod eggsCobia eggs
Protein68%66%64% 65% 79%n/a
DHA 17 30 40 36 3342
EPA 12 1312 10 18.613.5
ARA 1.9 2.5 2.0 1.9 2.23.4
HUFAs 43 50 58 51 56.268
Total fatty acids 10.5% 13.0% 14.2% 12.6% 13.2%22%
Polar lipids 54% 55% 55.7% 55% 71%n/a
Sterols 4% 4.2%4.3% 4.0% 9.8%n/a
Free fatty acids 5.9% 5.1%4.9% 5.0% 5.4%n/a

NOTE: fatty acid units after "profile" units are mg/g