Rotifer Diet®

Rotifer Diet® is a marine microalgae feed product for producing high quality, high density, low cost rotifers. It is a combination of the microalgae species Nannochloropsis and Tetraselmis which results in a 20% increase in rotifer volume over pure Nannochloropsis.

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Rotifer Diet® is a 100% complete feeding solution, needing no other feed additives to produce dense cultures. At Reed Mariculture's facility we maintain a continuous culture of 1 billion rotifers that are fed using Rotifer Diet. They are produced at a density of 5 thousand per ml with a 50-70% daily harvest. Using this feed the rotifers produce so many eggs that the density is easily maintained at this high harvest rate.

Rotifer Diet HD was specifically designed for high density rotifer systems, but also works exceptionally well in low density and batch cultures. Click here for protocols and directions on feeding and maintaining rotifer cultures.

NOTE: For new customers, we suggest our next-generation product, RGcomplete.