In contrast to traditional practice, we produce only whole-cell, whole food microalgae feeds and enrichment products from marine algae using proprietary processes. Maximum rotifer nutrition is achieved because all biomass is from microalgae. Intact whole cells ensure that rotifers receive the maximum nutritional benefit from our exceptional feeds, which in turn provides maximum nourishment to your fish. Our feeds also produce clean rotifers that ordinarily do not require washing, so they can be pumped directly into the larval fish tank.

We offer a complete system of products that work together to support optimum grow-out, enrichment, gut-loading, and productivity.

These base feeds are carefully formulated to produce healthy and vigorous rotifers despite high-density, stressful conditions. These feeds are the first step in building HUFA lipid membranes, gut-loading, and achieving optimal nutritional profiles, while limiting harmful bacteria.

Shrimp Applications

Product Name Description Dry Weight Storage Shelf Life
RotiGrow OneStep All-In-One Feed and Pre-Enrichment. Eliminates or improves secondary enrichment with high DHA and HUFA levels >14.8% Frozen 1 Year
RotiGrow Plus All-In-One Feed and Pre-Enrichment. Eliminates or improves secondary enrichment with high DHA and HUFA levels >14.8% Frozen 1 Year
RotiGrow Nanno Highest yield feed. Exceptionally clean. High EPA and ARA levels >16.4% Frozen 2 Years
Nanno 3600 Nannochloropsis. Standard feed since 1998. >18% Frozen 2 Years
Chlorella v12 Feed and Pre- Enrichment, produced in Japan. Live microalgae. Perishable.   Refrigerated 20 Days
Rotifer Diet Nanno / Tetraselmis blend. Standard feed since 2001. 18% Frozen 2 Years

Rotifer Production Information

Product Name Typical Cell Count
(see Dry Weight vs Cell Count)
Live Algae Equivalent Type Rotifer Harvest
Wet Weight /
liter of feed
Rotifer Harvest
Count /
liter of Feed**
RotiGrow OneStep     Mix 310 grams 263 Million 32.20%
RotiGrow Plus     Mix 310 grams 263 Million 32.20%
RotiGrow Nanno 62 billion/ml   Non-flagellated Yellow-Green Eustigmatophyceae 375 grams 320 Million 35.60%
Nanno 3600 68 billion/ml 3600 liters @ 19 million cells/ml Non-flagellated Yellow-Green Eustigmatophyceae 350 grams 300 Million 30%
Chlorella v12       265 grams 225 Million 30.50%
Rotifer Diet 55 billion/ml 3600 liters @ 15 million cells/ml Mix 355 grams 305 Million 30.50%

** Using a 165 micron L-Type rotifer

Nutritional Profile of Rotifer by Feeds Used

  Proximates Fatty Acids Lipid Class
Feed Used Protien Lipid DHA EPA ARA HUFAs >Polar lipids Sterols Free fatty acids Tryglicerides
Cod Egg n/a 13.20% 33 18.6 2.2 56.2 71% 9.80% 5.40% 12.50%
RotiGrow Plus 64% 10.50% 17 12 1.9 45 54% 4.50% 5.10% 36%
RotiGrow Nanno 68% 8.90% 0 20 2.8 32 56% 4.20% 5.10% n/a
Nanno 3600 68% 7.80% 0 16 2 30 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Chlorella Super V12 n/a 8.20% 9 5.5 0.5 24 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Rotifer Diet 68% 7.80% 0 15 2 30 n/a n/a n/a n/a


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