N-Rich Ultra PL

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Additional Benefits of N-Rich Ultra PL and All N-Rich Feeds

  • High in protein so the enriched rotifers emerge as healthy and clean as they were before enrichment
  • Minimal foaming and fouling —  there is no need to rinse the rotifers
  • With “Whole cell – Whole Food” microalgal nutrition,  feeds provide broad-spectrum tissue enrichment including vitamins and carotenoids, health and nutritional maintenance during cold or warm storage, and gut loading
  • Highest level of performance because all biomass is from microalgae
  • Exceptionally clean, effective and easy to use —  minimal foaming and fouling; there is no need to rinse the rotifers

Custom N-Rich Blends

Custom N-Rich Blends are available and can be designed for slow enrichment, fast enrichment, and achievement of HUFA levels above 8% dry-weight rotifer biomass. Please  Contact us for more information.

The Rotifer Instant Algae System

N-Rich PL Plus is part of a complete line of blended concentrate Instant Algae products to support optimal grow-out, enrichment and productivity for rotifers and larval fish. No other feed is closer to nature or better for your rotifer, fish and hatchery productivity.